Dream Theater - Official Bootleg: The Majesty Demos 1985-1986 ( 2003 )

Artist:     Dream Theater

Label:     YtseJam Records

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1Particle E. Motion1:38
2Another Won (Instrumental Version)5:27
3The Saurus1:24
4Cry For Freedom6:32
5The School Song6:13
7The Farandole3:16
8Two Far (Instrumental Version)5:40
9Anti-Procrastination Song0:13
10Your Majesty (Instrumental Version)3:57
11Solar System Race Song0:18
12I'm About To Faint Song0:10
13Mosquitos In Harmony Song0:12
14John Thinks He's Randy Song0:10
15Mike Thinks He's Dee Dee Ramone Introducing A Song Song0:16
16John Thinks He's Yngwie Song0:16
17Gnos Sdrawkcab0:23
18Another Won5:28
19Your Majesty3:46
20A Vision11:24
21Two Far5:26
22Vital Star5:44
23March Of The Tyrant5:35