Dream Theater - Official Bootleg: When Dream And Day Unite Demos 1987-1989 ( 2004 )

Artist:     Dream Theater

Label:     YtseJam Records

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1A Fortune In Lies5:20
2The Killing Hand8:04
3The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun7:25
3Ytse Jam5:50
4Ytse Jam5:54
4Only A Matter Of Time6:52
5Cry For Freedom6:45
5The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun7:34
6Ressurection Of Ernie6:44
6The Killing Hand8:25
7Drum Solo1:52
7Light Fuse And Get Away (Instrumental Version)7:52
8A Fortune In Lies4:31
8To Live Forever4:29
9Mission: Impossible1:25
9Only A Matter Of Time6:26
10A Fortune In Lies5:21
10Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End6:13
11O Holy Night4:10
12The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun7:29
12A Vision '898:01