Dream Theater - Official Bootleg: The Making Of Scenes From A Memory ( 2003 )

Artist:     Dream Theater

Label:     YtseJam Records

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1Acoustic Guitar Outtake & Alternate Vocal Take0:00
1Opening Scene1:22
2Live Alternate Take0:00
3Writing, Basic Tracks & Vocals0:00
3Overture 19283:38
4Writing, Basic Tracks & Vocals0:00
4Strange Déjà Vu5:19
5Writing, Basic Tracks & Vocals0:00
5Through My Words1:55
6Alternate Vocal Take & Alternate Sax Take0:00
6Fatal Tragedy6:16
7Writing Sessions0:00
7Beyond This Life11:30
8Very 1st Live Run Through Of 1st Half0:00
8Through Her Eyes6:03
9Live Rehearsal Of Section A0:00
10Writing Sessions0:00
10The Dance Of Eternity6:15
11Live Rehearsal Of Original Arrangement0:00
11One Last Time3:50
12Choir Session Outtakes0:00
12The Spirit Carries On6:48
13Jp Vocal Demo0:00
13Finally Free11:51
14Alternate Vocals & Outro Vamp Outtakes0:00
15Original Sequencer Demo0:00