Dream Theater - Official Bootleg: Old Bridge, New Jersey 12/14/96 ( 2006 )

Artist:     Dream Theater

Label:     YtseJam Records

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1A Change Of Seasons Pt. I3:49
1Lines In The Sand14:15
2A Change Of Seasons Pt. Ii3:04
2Take Away The Pain7:19
3The Mirror6:50
3A Change Of Seasons Pt. Iv4:47
4Ytse Jam6:06
5Burning My Soul8:23
5Learning To Live11:43
6Another Hand / The Killing Hand13:41
6A Change Of Seasons Pt. Vii3:15
7Just Let Me Breathe5:17
8Caught In A Web6:39
9Peruvian Skies6:39
10Pull Me Under7:22