Transatlantic - More Never Is Enough: Live in Manchester ( 2011 )

Artist:     Transatlantic

Label:     Radiant Records (2)

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1The Whirlwind79:46:00
1All Of The Above31:57:00
1Bridge Across Forever6:03
1The Whirlwind81:15:00
1All Of The Above29:20:00
2Overture / Whirlwind0:00
2We All Need Some Light10:23
2Stranger In Your Soul33:17:00
2We All Need Some Light9:56
3The Wind Blew Them All Away0:00
3Duel With The Devil28:48:00
3Duel With The Devil28:53:00
4On The Prowl0:00
4Bridge Across Forever5:58
5A Man Can Feel0:00
5Stranger In Your Soul38:56:00
6Out Of The Night0:00
6Return Of The Giant Hogweed9:05
7Rose Colored Glasses0:00
9Set Us Free0:00
10Lay Down You Life0:00
12Is It Really Happening0:00
13Dancing With Eternal Glory / Whirlwind (Reprise)0:00