Mike Portnoy: Liquid Drum Theater - ( 1999 )

Artist:              Mike Portnoy: Liquid Drum Theater

Format:            DVD

Studio:             Hal Leonard

Director:           Paul Siegel; Rob Wallis

Producer:          Paul Siegel; Rob Wallis

Running Time:   190 mins

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Release Info:

This 2-disc DVD set features Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. Volume One features music of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment, with Mike performing eight songs & segments, breaking down parts of each. Featured throughout is exclusive footage of the making of the first LTE album, as well as rare live footage of the band. Volume Two focuses on the muic of Dream Theater. Mike performs eleven songs/segments from 'Falling Into Infinity' and 'Scenes From a Memory;' there is also exclusive live footage of Dream Theater's 1998 World Tour.