Gigantour - ( 2006 )

Artist:              Gigantour

Format:            DVD

Studio:             Image

Director:           Michael J. Sarna


Running Time:   85 mins

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Release Info:

SPECIAL 2-DISC SET! Megadeth leads the charge in this relentless heavy metal onslaught! The fast and furious Gigantour is the ultimate hard-rocking force. Captured here the top bands from the 2005 tour show why this was the best metal bill of the year PLUS you get into all the offstage action in a special bonus disc! Featuring songs by Megadeth ('She Wolf,' 'A Tout le Monde,' 'Kick the Chair'), Dream Theater ('Glass Prison,' 'Panic Attack'), Fear Factory ('Transgression,' 'Archetype'), Nevermore ('Born,' 'Enemies of Reality'), Life of Agony ('Love to Let You Down,' 'Day He Died'), Symphony X ('Inferno,' 'Of Sins and Shadows'), Bobaflex ('Better Than Me'), Dry Kill Logic ('Paper Tiger,' 'Lost').