The Purple Monster

Drumset: Starclassic in custom violet/white/violet finish
A. 51/2x14 snare drum (with custom foot-operated snare strainer)
B. 16x24 bass drum
C. Octoban (model 343)
D. Octoban (model 390)
E. Octoban (model 443)
F. Octoban (model 472)
G. 8x8 tom
H. 8x10 tom
I. 9x12 tom
J. 10x13 tom
K. 14x14 tom
L. 14x20 gong bass
M. Octoban (model 536)
N. Octoban (model 600)
O. 9 1/4" timbalito
P. 10" timbalito
Q. tambourine
R. cowbell (LP Ridge Rider)
S. percussion table
Cymbals: Sabian (all with Brilliant finish)
1. 6" CD Cymbal Disc on top of an 8" CD Cymbal Disc on top of a 10" Bell Disc
2. 18" AA Chinese
3. 8" HH China Kang
4. 14" AAX hi-hats
5. 17" HH thin crash
6. 12" AAX splash
7. 18" AA medium thin crash
8. 8" AAX splash
9. 10" HH China Kang sitting on top of a 10" AAX splash
10. 18" AA medium crash
11. 22" HH rock ride
12. 19" HH medium thin crash
13. 13" AA Rock hi-hats
14. 6" AAX splash on top of a 6" LP Icebell
15. 12" AA mini Chinese on top of a 14" Jack DeJohnette Encore crash
16. 20" HH thin Chinese
17. high-octave crotales
18. 20"x30" Thundersheet

Hardware: Tama StarClassic Maples, including their 1st Chair throne, DW 5000 Accelerator bass drum pedals.

Sticks: Pro-Mark 420 model with nylon tip (Mike's signature stick).

Heads: Remo coated CS on snare batter, clear Pinstripes on toms and bass drum batters, clear Emperors on Octobans and gong drum.

(Mike also has two duplicate setups of this kit. One that was used in Japan, the other in Europe for his performances there. The kit that was used in Japan has a red/white/red finish and the kit that was used in Europe has a green/white/green finish.)